To provide high accuracy device with cost effective and all associated services in order to suit the global and specific market in Power Electronic. In any case, THEMATRONIC provides optimal solutions for :

  • clear identification of your needs,
  • fast spare parts replacements,
  • complete refurbishment of power stacks / complete evaluation of failures,
  • detailed characterization of specific devices in case of parallel or serie associations.


High Rupturing Capacity (HRC) Fast fuses French line design, DIN standards, UL and CSA standards, protistor

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IGBT transistors for Wind Turbine : Management of used power components.

An European operational group of wind turbines is developing optimization of maintenance costs with THEMATRONIC as technical partner. The target is to reconsider the management of used IGBT. THEMATRONIC is the technical support for the analysis of doubtful components and so performs control process and characterization necessary for their reuse. IGBTs are identified with establishment of complete control sheets specifying their electrical characteristics. [...]

Power electronic devices, Preventive Maintenance.

Thematronic, Preventive Maintenance. For more than 30 years, THEMATRONIC offers a large range of semiconductor and electronic devices. Regardless the supplies of power devices that provide higher efficiency, the company proposes now new services as technical supports for development of preventive maintenance methods in power converters. Our large experience in the study of behaviour of semiconductors [...]

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