Power Thyristors

Special "REVERSE BLOCKING" Thyristors

« press-pack » Reverse Blocking Thyristors

Fast thyristors "STUD TYPES"

Fast thyristors "STUD TYPES"

Phase control Thyristors “PRESS PACK”

Phase control Thyristors « PRESS PACK »

Assymetric Thyristors types

Assymetric Phase control Thyristors "Press-Pack" type, Fast Assymetric Thyristors "Press-Pack" type

Phase control Thyristors "STUD TYPES"

Phase control Thyristors "STUD TYPES"

Fast Thyristors « PRESS PACK »

Fast Thyristors « PRESS PACK »

Special Thyristors "GTO" as "Gate Turn Off"

Screwed GTO Thyristors and Pressed GTO Thyristors (double cooled face). Available electric performances from 800V to 3000V. Nominal currents form 150A to 4000A. Many references available form stock.

Freon or oil tank cooled thyristors

Freon or oil tank cooled thyristors, special design devices, obsolete thyristors.

Welded thyristors: thyristors integrated copper heatsink

Special enclosures thyristors. Welded thyristors: integrated sinks in copper, obsolete Thyristors.

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