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IGBT transistors for Wind Turbine : Management of used power components.

An European operational group of wind turbines is developing optimization of maintenance costs with THEMATRONIC as technical partner. The target is to reconsider the management of used IGBT. THEMATRONIC is the technical support for the analysis of doubtful components and so performs control process and characterization necessary for their reuse. IGBTs are identified with establishment of complete control sheets specifying their electrical characteristics. [...]

Power electronic devices, Preventive Maintenance.

Thematronic, Preventive Maintenance. For more than 30 years, THEMATRONIC offers a large range of semiconductor and electronic devices. Regardless the supplies of power devices that provide higher efficiency, the company proposes now new services as technical supports for development of preventive maintenance methods in power converters. Our large experience in the study of behaviour of semiconductors [...]

THEMATRONIC introduces a new range of Power reverse Conduction Thyristors (RCT thyristors)’

The Reverse Conduction Thyristor 'RCT thyristor' is a normal high power device with an integrated fast power reverse diode. The new range of TDR REV COND 2190 thyristors is especially designed for power convectors used in electric traction vehicles (locomotives, railcars, trams and metros). The proposed power range is suitable for electrical traction powered by convertors as well as auxiliary power supplies.

D & rsquo renovation; a rectifier for SNCF

Thematronic requested to Renovate the Rectifier of the Epierre Substation following the damage caused by lightning. Renovation carried out urgently with recovery of components still in good condition following tests carried out using our test platform. Complete renovation of the rectifier in 10 days, limiting downtime. contact us Thematronic, range of components [...]